Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Donkey and the Cart

I found this picture somewhere in my browsing travels and realized that it is a perfect metaphor for how I am feeling about this healing journey that I am on. I am the donkey and the Cart is my life. I had some items in my Cart, but I was pulling the weight okay and thought that things were going along pretty good. Then one by one more and more items got stacked on, i.e., low red blood platelets, bone marrow biopsy, two separate lymph node biopsy surgeries, the final diagnosis, the treatment protocol, being quarantined, and so on. Now, here I am hardly able to get/keep my feet on the ground.

What keeps me going is that I know that one by one the weight will be taken off, i.e., I have one treatment in the series of eight treatments done. A little weight is gone, and I have faith that the weight will continue to be whittled down, until I am no longer feeling challenged to the limit of my endurance.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today Is Good

On the whole, I am getting along very well. Oh, I have moments of feeling quite like me, some moments of feeling like heck, moments of sheer weakness, moments of questioning whether what is going on with me is normal or what, moments when I think I won't live through this six months of treatment, and lots of moments when I'm sure that I will survive this six months of treatment. It is more or less a rough, bumpy, roller coaster ride and I am hanging on.

Today I saw the sweetest YouTube presentation. If I can I want to add it for your enjoyment. It made me laugh and gave me hope: