Monday, August 18, 2008

A Small Miracle

Our mission for our Church to Brazil was in 2004-2005. One of the first things we did in preparation was to purchase a digital camera so we could record some of the memories we created there. However, after nine months into our mission, our apartment was entered and among the things that were stolen from us was our laptop computer, our flash drive with all the backups from that computer, and the memory card containing all the pictures we had taken during those first months. The police were ineffective and so our things were lost and gone forever (a story in and of itself).

Thank goodness I had the camera with me, so we didn't lose it. We began to take pictures once again. I have to admit I was not as persistent as I had been in the first months, but the ones I took were very important to us.

At the end of my mission I became ill and struggled through the last two months to the end. I did manage to save our pictures to a disk to bring home with us. Unfortunately, when we arrived home, I realized I had not labeled the CD with the pictures. As I put all the disks into the computer one by one, the message was that each was unreadable. I had given an empty CD to one of the missionary elders, and I became convinced that I had inadvertently given the CD with my pictures on it to him. So, again, I thought I had lost all these pictures.

I recently got a brand new computer and was upgraded in the process from Windows 2000 to Vista. I started having a little thought keep nagging at me to go through those "empty" CDs again. I began to wonder about the possibility about an incompatibility between Windows 2000 and the XP version that was on the mission office's computer. That was one of the reasons I got a new computer in the first place, because I was working with a program that was no longer compatible with Windows 2000.

I said a fervent prayer and asked to find those pictures on one of the still "empty" CDs. I put the first one in, but no pictures were there. The second one came up and I shed tears of joy as I saw my pictures pop into view.

It was a small miracle of great proportions to us and we are so very grateful.



Denise said...

Praise God for His wonderful gifts to us, bless you.

Way More Homemade said...


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

God works small but wonderful miracles every day!

Thanks so much for sharing this one! (And I'm so glad you have your pictures!)

Melanie said...

Hi Gloria, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I actually posted Kira's experience in Uganda on my blog for the on line newsletter for yourLDSneighborhood. I will forward your message to her.

I am sure that in your 40 years of visiting teaching you have touched lives. Your sincerity and sweet nature is evident. Visiting teaching is no small role. I haven't found a person yet who doesn't need to know that someone cares.

Good for you for trying the blog thing. Very adventurous and fun, huh? Take care

Colored Heart said...

Hi, Gloria! I praise God for allowing me to stop by your site. I was trying to visualize your story and as a person who really values photos and memories, I really felt the degree of loss. Losing my daughter's dedication copies are still hard to let go. Sigh. I believe it was the Holy Spirit's nudging that you went through your CD again. Our prayer leader reminded us that if you do not have it, you do not need it yet. God must have reserved these precious pics for something grand. Great miracle!! Praise God!!