Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Musings

If you live for the next world, you get this one in the deal;
but if you live only for this world, you lose them both.
C. S. Lewis

We watched several of the Americans who won medals in the on-going Olympics last night. We were tremendously happy and proud of their accomplishments, not only for their personal achievements, but as representatives of our country.

I am, however, very sad that so few of our athletes seem to know the words to our National Anthem. Over the years this has been the norm. In past Olympics, some have attempted to sing the lyrics, but gave up in the process. I realize they have just won a medal and they are supremely excited, but in my estimation, it would add to their honor if they could sing along as the Anthem is being played. But perhaps I am asking too much.

My husband and I served a Church Mission to Brazil several years ago. While we were attending a stake conference meeting there, the leaders decided at the last minute to substitute the National Anthem of Brasil for one of the hymns they were planning to sing since it was their Independence Day. I was in awe as I listened and watched the wonderful Brazilian people sing with gusto their national anthem--young children included. You could feel their love for their country as they sang. I especially watched in amazement those young children around us in the congregation, keeping up with the warmly spirited, quite complicated lyrics and never missing a beat. I told my husband, I wish Brazil would win just one gold medal so the World could see them sing their national anthem--for I am certain they could sing along.

Nevertheless, I am proud of the accomplishments our athletes achieve and have achieved through the years. They sacrifice much in order to take part in the Olympics and I admire their grit and determination.


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Annemarie Allen said...

It's disappointing how some people don't take pride in our country. I've been to Red Sox games where when they did sing, it wasn't very pretty. I think sometimes when you are given everything you take it all for granted and don't learn how to be gracious and grateful for things.