Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Ready for Spring

It's still cold here, but I find it is easier to find things to be grateful for instead of ranting and railing about the weather. I am grateful for a warm home, a good car (with a heater), for coats and sweaters, and the blue skies I can see today. The water picture is getting better and better and the cool weather helps. I am just hoping it gradually warms up, rather than going from cold to hot a in a couple of days.

I have always been a summer person. Yes, I get hot in the summer, but I seem to endure the heat better than I do the cold.

I am anxious to enlarge our garden. Our garden occupies a small corner of our yard and the grass keeps encroaching upon it. Each year the garden has gotten smaller and smaller. We spent a year and a half in Brazil and so there was no garden for those three years--the year we left, the year we were there, and the year after our return. The grass took advantage of us, so we need a plow--our tiller is just too wimpy to cut through the grass efficiently.

I love spring and watching the growing things come back to life.



Pam's Place said...

Gloria, thanks so much for dropping by Just Another American Patriot. From what I see on it appears there will be a Tea Party there in Ogden. Go to that site, and select Utah, and there should be about 4 individuals and their contact info. If you have any trouble finding the information, just leave me another comment on my blog and I'll be back in touch.

If you haven't been in touch with anyone who has joined the 912 Project (promoted by Glenn Beck as a way to learn more about the Constitution, and get a better understanding of how what is happening in our country will affect your children and grandchildren), check out www. the 912 project . com (no spaces, of course).

By the way, I'm ready for spring too!! I look forward to reading more of your blog.


annie said...

Mom I'm ready for spring myself. Thanks for coming over, it's always fun to sit and talk with you.

We always seem to solve the worlds problems. :)


Shawn said...


I find you through your comment you made on Angie O'Neill's blog. I read your story about your grandson and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. You wrote something so profound here:

"If we could stand far enough away from our life's experiences here on earth, we could see that this life is but a very short time when eternity is considered. All we have to do is to stay close to the Lord and we will be on the right path and we'll stay on that path."

Thank you for your words of wisdom gained through such an incredible sorrow. It spoke deeply to me and I am sure it was a comfort to Angie.

Blessings to you, Gloria,