Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some years ago, while I was still employed as a secretary, I came down with a very bad cold. The cold progressed and settled in and around my vocal cords--otherwise known as laryngitis. It was awful. It was probably about the worse case of laryngitis I had ever had for I could make no sound--only whisper.

Of course, I stayed home from work to nurse my cold and take care of my throat. During the course of the day, the telephone rang and forgetting that I couldn't talk, I picked up the phone. Then I realized I had to "say" something, so I whispered as loudly as I could "hello!" The masculine voice on the other end asked for someone I did not know. Again I whispered, "I'm sorry, you have a wrong number."

Then came the question that warmed my heart. He queried, "Are you all right?" I'm not certain what he conjured up in his imagination. Was I whispering because I was hiding and didn't want to give myself away, or because I was in trouble of some kind, or .... well, use your imagination. I explained in my best whisper that I had lost my voice. He wished me well and apologized for bothering me.

That memory came up yesterday as my sister was telling me about her bout of laryngitis. I will always remember the concern of a stranger on the telephone. There are many good and caring people in the world.


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addicted to life said...

yes, there are really caring people... interesting day-life story